Onboarding topics. Citizen Swiss Machinist.

Training goal, to develop a range of operate and machining skills requires to operate a Citizen Swiss machine.


Teach training subjects in any sequence that achieves your goals.


  • Introduction, What are the Goals of Onboarding?

  • Shop Math

  • Cartesian Coordinates on your Citizen Machine

  • What is Swiss Machining

  • Understanding Swiss Machine Offsets

  • Metrology

  • Optical Comparator Use

  • Screw Thread Information

  • Surface Finish

  • Quality Control Methods

  • Blueprint Reading

  • Introduction to GD&T

  • How to Set Tools on a Citizen Machine

  • Use of Last Part Operations

  • Final Written Assessment


Estimated total hours = 36


Classes can be 90 minutes duration, twice a week.


Some hands-on practice will be required at the machine. For example, all students will need to be taught how to set a Guide Bush and adjust Tool offsets.


Also, hands-on use of measurement instruments will be required.