Level One is CNC Fundamentals


Designed to provide the fundamentals of CNC Machining.

Many subjects have a short test at the end of each chapter. Hands-on projects are required to reinforce the learning concepts.

Each student is required to use a TI-30a Calculator.

Teach training subjects in any sequence that achieves your goals.


  • Shop Math

  • Basics of Manufacturing

  • Understanding Speeds and Feed

  • Metrology, Measurement Concepts & Optical Comparators

  • CNC Lathe Design Concepts

  • CNC Mill Machine Design

  • Equations

  • ANSI Tooling

  • Cartesian Coordinates

  • Print Reading Concepts

  • Print Reading Exercises. Understanding Screw Thread Types

  • Introduction to GD&T. Including How to Calculate Position Tolerances

  • Metric Conversions

  • Lathe & Mill Offsets. Requires on Machine Hands-On Practice.

  • Lathe Project # 1 Introduction to a Sample CNC Lathe Program.

  • Mill Project 1 Introduction to a Sample CNC Mill Program.

  • Lathe Tooling Application Guides

  • Hands-On Lathe

  • Lathe Offset Worksheet

  • Mill Tool Holders Drilling & Tapping Considerations.

  • Hands-On Mill