Level Three is CNC Lathe Programming

Building on the previous levels and focusing on CNC Lathe programming skills.

Teach training subjects in any sequence that achieves your goals.


  • Review Lathe G&M Codes

  • Lathe Project #3 Roughing, Finishing, and Grooving

  • Trigonometry

  • Trig Practice

  • Lathe Work Holding, Boring Chuck Jaws

  • Circular Interpolation Concepts

  • Circular Interpolation Grooving

  • Lathe Canned Cycles

  • Lathe Threading Methods

  • Lathe Cutter Compensation, Mathematical Methods

  • Trig Practice: Arc Points

  • Lathe Project: Programming Chamfers

  • G41/G42 Compensation

  • Programming a Part with Compensation

  • Canned Cycles Codes G70, G71, and G72

  • Use of Variables

  • Use of Lathe Sub-Programs G54-G59

A final written test will be administered.

Students must write a sample CNC Lathe program and produce a finished part to print dimensions.