Rose CNC Training Services

We are helping to change the way the manufacturing industry thinks about training. Everyone can benefit from more CNC knowledge: from entry level to the most experienced employees. We provide proven classroom instruction, assesment and curriculum development to help create the next generation of skilled workers for manufacturing.

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Providing training, assessment and curriculum development to help companies and indviduals succeed.


Training that works. We provide hands on and classroom instruction that is customized to your needs and delivered oonsite at your company.


Evaluation to help identify areas for growth. We provide group and individual assement in order to assess current and prospective employees.


Customized materials that help companies and educational institutions build programs for manufacturing and CNC skillsets.

Experience and innovation

Rose CNC Traning Services are lead by Stephen Rose, an industry expert with over 30 years experience in the manufacturing industry. Steve had ran several successful manufacturing companies, worked in every aspect of machining from set up, programming, and machine tools sales and service. He has trained hundreds of people through private training, classroom instruction and through the use of his Comprehensive CNC training curriculum which is used by several community colleges.


Classroom, one-on-one, train the trainer.


Providing solutions and programs for hard to solve parts.


Using the latest technology to make quality parts.

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